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If you want your fingers on the pulse of The Royal Manticoran Navy, look to us for news! The Manticoran News Bureau scours the Internet, looking for the stories that slip through the cracks, and broadcasting it to spacers (and potential spacers) everywhere. A service of BuComm, we go beyond the headlines, admiralty orders, and announcements… putting a human face on this great organization we all love.

Our primary purpose is to provide quality articles and photos to be used in the official quarterly newsletter, A Manticore’s Tale. However, we also publish our news weekly on social media; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flicker. We are always looking for new stories—we welcome contributors and would love to broadcast your articles.


News Archive

2015 –

12/03: Is Fandom a Way of Life? – Spacers reflect on their relationship to the sci-fi community.

11/26: The Creator Came Down to Raleigh – Wearing yellow berets and armed with Nerf guns, 3rd Fleet led the way to HonorCon, trying to keep David away from swords.

11/05: Buffalo Thunder – Lieutenant Commander Bill Knight ups his recruiting game by signing up movie stars to his ship.

10/29: Zapped! – 10th Fleet takes on ZappCon.

9/24: My Commissioning at Shore Leave – Jesse Krug tells us the difference between a tap on the shoulders and a jackhammer landing on them:

9/10: The Unexpected Journey of the Admiral's Cup – Chief Wendy Cheairs shows what happens when you take the 8th Fleet Trophy to Phoenix ComicCon.

9/3: Graysons Who Meet? – Discovering the contraction that is the first Grayson’s meeting chapter.

8/27: A Day in the K.u.K Luftfahrtruppen – Chief Desalvo learns how to play a WWI airplane game… and then defeats the game’s creator.

8/05: Hippies at the StargateBatCruRon 39 celebrates Festival Fantazie’s 20th anniversary in Chotěboř, Czech Republic.

7/22: Wearing Polyester in the Valley of the Sun – Captain Johnston shows what happens when you hold a convention in 110-degree heat.

6/17: Czech Republic vs. New Jersey – Captain Johnston meets up with the Czechs to visit the USS New Jersey.

6/10: Lafayette, We Have Returned – HMS Beowulf visits a ship Horatio Hornblower would be proud to take as a prize.

6/3: Honoring the Fallen – HMS Avalon volunteers at the National Cemetery

5/27: A Bivouac at Sea – Muir Point playing Axis & Allies War at Sea.

5/20: The Past, The FLA, and the Future – Admiral of the Fleet Lessem sits down with BuComm.

5/13: Playing with Dolls – HMS Achilles heads to Treklanta.

5/6: Clan of the Fez – Weber and WillyCon.

4/29: Visions of Grandeur – 10th Fleet’s Treecats Play Havoc at Norwescon.

4/22: Fat Man and Little Boy – HMS Avalon gets to visit the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

4/15: Hazy Gray and Underway – First Fleet visits the Holy of Holies.

3/25: Who is Isaiah Mackensie?BuTrain’s expansion into new territory.

3/18: That Which We Call a Rose – The many faces of Fort Shorncliffe.

3/4: Nothing but the Flag – The ladies of BatCruRon39 shed their clothes for the honor of the Queen.

2/18: Broadening Your Horizons – Captain Johnston visits the crew of HMS Helen Zilwicki for pancakes and ship-to-ship combat.

2/11: David is from Mars, Sharon is from Venus – David Weber gets captured by Klingons at MarsCon.

2/4: Wrong Turn at Albuquerque – HMS Anasazi and HMS Avalon show the flag at the Albuquerque ComicCon.

1/28: Pouncing on Pajamas – HMS Snow Leopard leaps to help the Pajama Program.

1/21: Meeting Your Extended Family – Captain Johnston visits the crew of HMS Kraken for New Years’ Eve.

1/14: He Passed His Test – Celebrating the life of Captain Mark West, GSN.


2014 --

11/19: Let the Circle Be Unbroken – The Return of HonorCon.

10/15: Baby in a Box – Motherhood in the 41st Century.

10/8: Halfway Home – Convolution 2014 and Discovering the Future.

10/1: Three Up, Three Down – Chief Petty Officers, Bosuns, and the Enlisted Experience.

9/24: Picking out the Nits – The Prime Minister answers his writing’s inconsistencies during Question Time.

9/17: Coconuts and Swallows – The Culture of the Grayson Space Navy.

9/10: Treecats Climb into Children's Hearts – The Prime Minister makes a rare appearance at a fan-atic classroom.

9/3: A Battlecruiser for the Bohemia Station – HMS Royalist joins the Czech BatCruRon 39 in Proper Fashion.

8/27: No Fan Table? No Problem! – Fandom in America’s Most Miserable City.

8/20: All Alone in the Night – What happens when Eighth Fleet spacers go in uniform to cons without their ships.

8/13: ...And That's the End of the Simulation! – The fleet that games together stays together.

8/6: Competing with NASA – HMS Agamemnon fires rockets next to a military base.

7/30: CONvergence 2014 – Handing out big medals, pulling donuts in space, and getting Marina Sirtis tipsy were just the beginning at this con.

7/23: Sounds of the Honorverse – The MNB sits down with Emmett Plant and asks him about his sci-fi music career.

7/16: The Heart of Matters – HMS Tisiphone reels in the recruits at Free Comic Day.

7/9: Gladiators in GermanyNordCon and the Imperial Andermani Navy.

6/25: Dream of a Place Called Home – Southern Hospitality at ConCarolinas.

6/18: A Toast to Tilman – Chief Miller interviews Baroness New Cumbria about her quest to recreate a literary brew.

6/11: 50 Shades of Green – HMS Condor maintains a lonely patrol at LepreCon.

6/4: There IS Such a Thing as a Free Comic – HMS Saladin attracts new recruits with the most insidious lure of all… Nerf.

5/28: Elegance and Entropy – Tenth Fleet expands its horizons (and itself) at NorWesCon.

5/21: Liberating Trevor's Star – HMS Vengeance celebrates in style at RavenCon.

5/14: The Long Week – MNB Contributor Desalvo shows the Manticoran flag at two Italian conventions.

5/7: Give Me Liberty (Ship) or Give Me Death – The crew of HMS Artemis holds their business meeting on the deck of a historic ship.

4/30: Festival in the Stars – How our Czech spacers run a convention.

4/23: You Can't Take the Tube from Me – Second and Third Fleets come together for movie nights.

4/16: Miniatures Gaming on the Cheap MNB Contributor Staubly reviews Mobile Frame Zero, an inexpensive mech combat game.

4/9: Give Them Blood – Spacers line up to donate at blood donation centers worldwide.

4/2: The Longest Acronym in the Navy – The incoming and outgoing Senior Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy explain their role in TRMN.

3/26: Can't Sew Worth A Darn – The ecstasy and agony of costuming.

3/19: Roll Pods – The story behind our cherished tradition.

3/12: Tales of Comics – Spacers rush out to get the new Honor comic book series.

3/5: For the Sword, the Keys, and the Internet – The joys and challenges of running a Grayson ship.

2/26: Old Spacers Never Die – Why veterans are drawn to TRMN.

2/19: Take Me Out to the Sky Dome – It’s Opening Day for Grayson baseball!

2/12: Treecats on WeberTreecats speak out about the Fleet.



We want your content – articles, pictures, videos… if it’s TRMN-related, we want to see it! However, if you send us an admiralty order… er, please understand that we may edit it… heavily. So before you hit send, see what we’re looking for.

Content: We aim our articles to people who are not members. Those who already joined are aware of what’s going on—we’re trying to show others how much fun we’re having!

Pictures: A good picture will draw you in to reading the article that accompanies it. We’d prefer to have two photos (or more) per story; the goofier the better. Be aware that Facebook compresses images, so instead of copying them, click on the picture, then download the picture directly.

Word Length: 250 words is the minimum, but there’s no maximum limit. If your article’s that good, we’ll break it up over several newsletters.

Media: Our articles appear in A Manticore’s Tale (TRMN website), MNB news feed (, Facebook (Manticoran Newsie), and Twitter (RMNavy). We’re hoping to eventually add YouTube (FirstLordTRMN) for videos and Flicker (TRMN) for photos.

I want to write an article, but how do I get material?

               Check TRMN ship websites and feeds on Facebook.

               Get the background on orders and announcements.

               Go to Cons and Events… these are our best stories.

               Copy and paraphrase Facebook posts (and the comments). Use them as quotes to build your article around.

               Ask people who were at events for details; do not ask for a submission. We’ve discovered that when you ask for an article, they get writer's block. When you ask for details, they give you 500 words.

That’s the secret – now get out there and write!


Making the News

Let’s say that you can’t/won’t write – how does your event make the news? The answer is simple – take pictures! It helps to have people post about your event, but without pictures, it doesn’t grab eyeballs in the newsletter. It also helps to tell a couple of wacky stories from your event – we can pull some information from the con’s website and Twitter feed, but reports “from the front” are the best items to throw into an article.

In short, if you want us to write about it, show us why it was cool. The more details, the more pictures, the more newsworthy it is.


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