Gryphon Fleet Stingers
February 2022

Article written by LCDR Patrick Giese, KDE, SC, OG, RMN, Director of the Office of Naval Intelligence, Bureau of Planning

As we bring Gryphon spirit to these conventions, keep an eye on your recruiting supplies! Make sure your recruiting materials are updated (see BuPlan for the latest stuff), review your con kits for any repairs or upgrades, and work on meeting and greeting people as representatives of The Royal Manticoran Navy. It’s important to help others find the fun we have in our fleet and our fan club, and make sure to check out events listed in ConStack for the upcoming months in 2022.

WorldCon leads and department heads are seeking volunteers to support the planning and resources around making WorldCon a landmark event. We still need additional funding to support resources for this event, and volunteers – use this link to help us make a deep and lasting impression for TRMN at this event:

Just a reminder – if you are serving as the TRMN point of contact (POC) for TRMN
convention attendees/participants, it’s a good idea to use our regular lines of contact like
the forums, Discord or social media to send out updates as needed to smooth the way for an enjoyable con experience for fleet attendees/participants.

And finally, in case you missed it in the Feb Gryphon’s Beak, 2nd Fleet is proud to sponsor, and the Imperial Andermani Navy (IAN) is happy to coordinate, an organization-wide Course Challenge from February 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022. Individuals can earn points for each participating fleet or can participate individually as part of the “Grand Reserve Fleet”. See the deets in the Beak!

Always with HONOR!