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The Cup entering Arizona, with the Grand Canyon in the background.


The Unexpected Journey of the Admiral’s Cup

by Chief Petty Officer Wendy Cheairs, HMS Anasazi


In 8th Fleet there is a now annual competition for the Admiral’s Cup, last year we of the HMS Anasazi won the Cup. With the honor and respect due to the Cup, we now take it on “Adventures.” One of the unwritten rules of the “Adventures” is to take photos to post on the Facebook feed for the Cup. One of the recent “Adventures” took the Cup from its life in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona for the annual Phoenix Comicon. Two of the HMS Anasazi members, Chief Petty Officer Wendy Cheairs and Spacer 3/C Dee Spirock, took the Cup to introduce it in and around the con itself. This gave them the chance to meet, greet, and introduce many, many people to the organization since the cup itself is quite a conversation starter. During the time of the con, the 8th fleet along with many other people followed the Cup’s Adventures via Facebook.


Spacer 3/C Dee Spirock, The Cup, and Chief Petty Officer Wendy Cheairs visiting a Galaxy far, far away…


During the long weekend, the Cup was passed between a wide variety of comic book artists and writers to pose with and learn about the fan organization. Since the Cup is not the smallest object, it always makes a quick conversation starter, allowing the two from the HMS Anasazi to introduce themselves, the organization of the TRMN along with the Charity work and other works done in the challenges offered in the 2014 Admirals Cup to win.



The Cup with Artists Jae Lee, Marat Mychaels, & Brian Augustyn


The Cup passed through different fan groups, showing that the RMN could mingle with a variety of people from different groups.  They were able to meet and greet with the Arizona chapters of the Dune Sea Garrison 501st Legion, the Dark Empire, and R2-D2 Builder’s Club for the Star Wars groups to name a few.


Some unusual Star Wars Fandom, Hot Pink Wookie, HMS Anasazi’s Chief Petty Officer Wendy Cheairs, The Cup, Freddie Mercury inspired Han Solo, and a Hot Pink Jedi


Other fan groups such as the Arizona branch of the Umbrella Corporation and Department of Zombie Defense set up a Zombie Walk in which the Cup did enjoy but it had much more fun meeting some of the local Zombies locked in an elevator later in the evening.  It also enjoyed learning how to shoot some aggressive Zombies.




They were lucky that each of the different groups welcomed them from the Albuquerque branch of the RMN with open arms along with our mischievous cup. Even the local pair of SCA groups, from the Kingdom of Umbria and the Kingdom of Atenveldt greeted them warmly.



Some of the princesses were from the Princess Project or the Moon Mermaid. Both groups of course were very pleasant and cheerful, even if getting the Cup returned from the mermaids was a bit of a challenge. They do like their shiny objects.




Throughout the weekend, the Cup brought the RMN into a new spotlight of interest, allowing the HMS Anasazi pair to discuss the fandom to people at the Comicon that normally might not have asked or known anything about the RMN group. Neither member were in any cosplay but, they were able to inform and garner interest within the David Weber world all from a simple conversation starter of a Cup. The Cup, even through meals outside of the con area, brought up the fandom and was able to travel through a bar at the local Hard Rock Café.


The Cup made its way up into the bar thanks to a great server and bartender at the Hard Rock after explaining the Cup, the award we won and the RMN.


After the long weekend the pair meet people from all walks of life, the Cup was passed along to basically anyone and everyone that wanted to see it, and the RMN was talked about to anyone who asked about it. It was a fun weekend for the two from the HMS Anasazi and the Cup, which if the Cup had its way it would have continued its “Adventures” into Vegas but was outvoted. There were some parts of the trip that were deemed to be left out due to the volatile nature of the Cup since some things that happen at Comicons stay at Comicons.



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