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The Crew of the GNS Reuben are trapped in the Fun Zone.


Graysons Who Meet?

The Contradiction that is GNS Reuben


With all the new ships that have been added to the fleet, it was easy to miss one of the strangest additions to the Grand Alliance. On April 14th, the GNS Reuben (DD-10), representing the Houston area spacers, was formally commissioned and joined the 6th Fleet. This plucky little ship became the first Grayson vessel, who unlike most of that ally’s forces, actually planned to meet on a regular basis. Part of this contradiction is due to her captain, Commander Nicholas Hurst, who after years of service to the Sword, could not give up his loyalty to simply serve with those who lived geographically closer to him. Thankfully, BuShips agreed, and had no difficulties commissioning our first Grayson meeting chapter.


Hurst is no stranger to controversy. After serving as the Grayson Space Navy’s second High Admiral, he stepped down to take a higher calling, and went to serve the Tester as the Baseball Commissioner. Even after two successful seasons, however, the great void kept gnawing at him and he was itching to return to space. Willingly demoted to Commander, he was accepted back… but the High Command wasn’t quite trusting of someone who would give up baseball, so they stuck him on the smallest ship they could… a Jacob-class Destroyer.


Commander Hurst (second from the left) in front of the original TRMN recruitment screen.


Since then, the Reuben has passed its shakedown cruise with flying colors, despite showing up in the wrong fleet (Grayson ships are usually in 4th Fleet), and the scuttlebutt is that that he and his crew will be elevated up to a Light Cruiser. The captain is trying to get his old flagship, the GNS Hermes, taken out of mothballs and given to him to command. Since then they have proudly shown the flag at Space City Comic Con, held from 24th through the 26th of July, with the help of other ships from 6th Fleet, making it one of the first joint fleet events ever held. This was thanks to the approval of both Rear Admiral Beau Thacker and the Grayson High Admiral Tom Saidak. In later operations, they also devastated the staff of several Denny’s (or was that Dempsey’s?), which might be inevitable and gotten together for SITS gaming.


Even Commander Hurst has to admit the confusion in his command. “I am become the blur,” he explained after their last meeting, “Next time won’t be as awkward.” Lieutenant (SG) Ken Oyer tries to keep his captain in line, with more or less success, but he doesn’t have to worry much about the crew. For example, the ship’s bosun, Chief Petty Officer John Husisian, was even Mentioned in Dispatches through his distinguished effort through his charitable works.  Spacer 3rd Class Lea Hodge earned a Meritorious Service Medal for her work at the Comic Con, as well as the Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal, since she flew in all the way from NYC.


Chief Desalvo is transfixed at the miniature planes coming towards him.


Despite the confusion, the crew of the Reuben knew what they were signing up for. “Well, we were under a Fun Zone warning…” Spacer Brian Jordan-Dean explained after he met his shipmates. Some were a little more enthusiastic, such as Spacer Hodge, “I'm gonna bake you my super special exploding strawberry welcoming cupcakes! Minus the explosions. And they probably won't be strawberry. Or cupcakes.  You like chocolate cake?”


Perhaps the Graysons are far too silly to be trusted in actually meeting each other, but the High Command is content to let the experiment go forward. Of course, these are the same people who had to install a 72-hour ban on quoting swallows and coconuts when welcoming new crew, so one may wish to make your own opinion when you meet them at the next con.


Commander Hurst at a con panel, second from left.


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