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A nice picture of Third Fleet attending ConCarolinas.


Dream of a Place Called Home

2014.06.25 CE / 346.03.30 AL (MNB) – At first blush, it might have seemed like every con you’ve attended. However, something magical happened when Third Fleet converged on Charlotte, North Carolina. ConCarolinas was held from May 30th to June 1st, self-described ‘as a general multi-genre multi-media convention,’ bringing together all manner of all speculative fiction – science fiction, fantasy and horror. They hosted a variety of fandom related events and guests, including gaming, discussion panels, costume events, music events like Klingon Karaoke, charity auction, SCA events… as well as fan groups like the 501st Legion, Starfleet, and Klingon Assault Group, and something different every year.


And this year, that ‘something different’ was the RMN. Although George R.R. Martin was the Writer Guest of Honor for the con, our own David and Sharon Weber—Duke and Duchess Leutzen Vale—were only a few hours drive away from the event. Packing up the family in the pinnance, they drove north, reaching the event only to find Third Fleet ready to support them. Captain (SG) Stephanie Taylor served as their graces’ flag lieutenant, to panels and signings, as well as making sure David didn't completely wear out his bunged up right thumb. PO2 Jack Warren served as the Duchess’ tac witch when Sharon's iPhone ‘died the final death’ and needed to be replaced quickly. Most importantly, Senior Master Chief Tammy Walker helped out with the Weber kids, which allowed their parents the freedom to relax at the event.


Fleet Senior Master Chief Michael Romero bringing a vital report to Rear Admiral Walker (center).


‘I have seldom been so thoroughly CONNED . . . in the best sense of the word. And I especially want to thank 3rd Fleet of The Royal Manticoran Navy for taking such good care of us at ConCarolinas,’ the Duke complimented the spacers attending. ‘The fact that all of you guys like the books enough to invest so much time in them would be a sufficiently huge compliment in its own right. The fact that so many of you put yourselves out to look after us the way you did goes way, way beyond that. You done good... and we'll be looking forward to seeing all of you again at Honorcon in Raleigh later this year!’ ‘I totally agree with everything David said! You guys were the best!’ The Duchess, Sharon Rice-Weber complimented. ‘And the rest of third Fleet, [you went] above and beyond for just being great people! We had a great time and are looking forward to the next time!’


As most of us spacers would admit, simply having their presence at the con made the event worth attending. However, Chief Boatswain’s Mate Gerry Martin put it best when he said, ‘We were very happy to see you and glad you all had a great time! Everything we did was the least we could do considering that you gave us this universe to play in and both of you… are amazing people to hang out with! I cannot wait to do this again come HonorCon!’


Michael Romero sporting his Marine Corpsman uniform.


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