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Liberating Trevor’s Star

2014.05.21 CE / 346.02.28 AL (MNB) – For most of the Star Empire, the Liberation of Trevor’s Star was the single great turning point in the Havenite-Manticoran Wars. It literally changed the face of interstellar politics, bringing a new system into the old Star Kingdom, and bringing about a cease-fire and an eventual peace treaty with the Republic of Haven. What better place to celebrate the anniversary of that event than going to an event that celebrates Edgar Allen Poe—in the city that’s synonymous with Poe—Richmond, Virginia.


What… you were thinking Baltimore?


The Baen Travelling Roadshow with its RMN Honor Guard.


RavenCon took place on April 25th through the 27th at the Doubletree in Midlothian. With Elizabeth Bear as the guest of honor, and the whirlwind of activities surrounding this sci-fi/horror convention, who would notice our spacers in the menagerie of fans dressed up for the Masquerade? Well, the crew of HMS Vengeance and Wolverine were not about to be forgotten. Spacers were present throughout the event. They manned the recruiting tables with great success. Chief Michael Romero, Bosun of HMS Vengeance, said “Just before I arrived, I'm told we signed our third Marine, so we're off to a good start!”


However, the crews didn’t stop there. They also provided an honor guard for the Baen Traveling Roadshow. “We weren't too shabby either,” exclaimed Sergeant Mark Morgan, as the guard presented the uniforms of the Royal Manticoran Navy and Marine Corps. Commander Jon Stout, Staff Tactical Officer for the First Lord of the Admiralty, also arrived to show eager gamers how to use the Saganami Island Tactical Simulator. However, once the introductory classes were swept away, it was time to show the advanced material. The instructor just smiled as one of the spacers made a major tactical error. “Today's SITS question - What happens when a Star Knight takes nine contact nukes down the throat?” Stout laughed his Peep fleet crushed the Manticoran forces.


Jon Stout lays down the law during the SITS Demo.


This was only the lead up to the big events. Steward’s Mate 3/c Joseph Lyons and LT (SG) Zachary White set up one of the hotel rooms as HMS Vengeance’s acting wardroom. They purchased a Manticoran, Grayson and 3rd Fleet flag to make the environment as real as possible.  They spread out a food table, a dessert table, and a bar. They also managed to acquire two pub tables to give the party more of a cocktail party feel. On Friday the 25th, in order to make sure the wardroom was successful, they held a "shakedown cruise" party coinciding with the end of SITS 101 (hosted by Commander Jon Stout) so around 1900. This party will consisted mostly of veggie trays, chips and dip, with various drinks, but it allowed the spacers of both ships to enjoy the environment before the main party began.


Finally, on Saturday the 26th, the real celebration began. To add to the ambiance of the event, they printed out official invitations to hand out to all TRMN personnel attending the Con (approved by BuComm). The first hour of the party was "blue light" or Role-play, based around the premise of 3rd Fleet celebrating the Liberation of Trevor's Star.  For people not in uniform, they handed out name tags so that they would be able to stay in character. After that, they opened the party to anyone at the con and will switch to a TRMN event.  To spread the word, the spacers made sure to hand out flyers to let convention attendees know that they were hosting a party and what time to attend.


Signs on the wardroom door (before they were stolen).


This is where the true magic of the event came in. Steward Lyons, who works as professional chef in real life, showed these Virginian fans some Southern Mantie hospitality. The food table was laid out with sandwiches, veggie trays, salsa, chips, dips, and popcorn. They had a great dessert table as well, serving fruit, assorted cakes, and brownies. But what RMN event would be complete without a full bar, with mixed drinks, and a selection of beer? To be considerate to the hotel, someone was be posted at the bar to monitor their guests’ alcohol consumption. That still didn’t stop security from coming over and telling them to shut the door because of the noise.


The party was an amazing success. Attendees loved the event so much that someone walked off with both the signs on the wardroom door. Meanwhile, TRMN was well represented and showed the sci-fi community of Central and Eastern Virginia the enjoyment that we have. With all the events at the convention, Third Fleet certainly worked hard to add to everyone’s enjoyment at RavenCon, and that effort is appreciated.


Joseph Lyons and Zachary White pose for a picture inside Harrington Cathedral. (Sorry, it’s only a green screen.)


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