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Cosplay For A Cause in Adelaide. (Courtesy of SMA Neil Swadling, in the back row left)

Give Them Blood

2014.04.09 CE / 346.01.23 AL (MNB) – Until we can regenerate limbs like they do in the Honorverse, hospitals around the world have a great need for blood supplies, and spacers have stepped up to contribute this vital resource for the good of their communities. Many conventions, such as Dragon*Con and MarsCon, have started blood drives to bring in people who normally wouldn’t darken the door of a donation center. In that vein (get it?), TRMN chapters and members have begun to add this vital charity to our growing list of causes.

One of those who was brought in to donate by the con circuit was Sergeant-Major of the Army Neil Swadling. In February, he joined up with Cosplay For A Cause, a bunch of Australian cosplayers who get together to perform charitable acts. “I went and gave blood at the main Red Cross Blood Center in Adelaide. Needless to say, I showed up in my RMA uniform.” Not only does it help out others, it also gets the word out about our association, and doesn’t require as intense a time commitment as other charitable events. “[I’m] keeping up my run of only donating blood in costume,” SMA Swadling smiled.