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No, it’s not Isaiah Mackensie, but it’s a very good substitution!


Who is Isaiah Mackensie?

BuTrain’s Expansion into New Territory


2015.03.25 CE / 346.11.22 AL (MNB) – As tRMN continues to offer more options, so does BuTrain, expanding to meet the academic needs of our members. Being tasked with new assignments, such as covering the educational requirements for the growing sub-groups, they’ve need to add more interesting topics to the already long list of exams. So to meet this need, two new academies have been built: Isaiah Mackensie Naval Academy for the Graysons and Kaiserlich-Andermanische Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie for the Andermanis.


Why were these new academies started? “The concept for the organization called for the creation of a number of different membership ‘navies’… and the various Academies are a logical extension of that concept,” explained Admiral Lord Sir James Friedline, 6th Space Lord. There is already a Civilian Group which resulted in Landing University and the Sphinx Forestry Commission Program, “for those who did not want to be ‘military,’” Friedline smiled. “Add to that the sub-Academies, of Army and Marines and the future Royal Merchant Marine and Astro-Control Schools, you begin to see the scope of our organization.” With the large number of our members who have identified themselves as part of the Grayson Space Navy as well as two ships of the Andermani Space Navy, the various Academies are a logical extension of that concept. “We see more members signing up as members of the Grayson Navy as well as a number of transfers,” Friedline answered. “As the overall organization grows we expect to see more diversity in what navies members want to join or have an interest in… It is part of the ever expanding Honorverse which we all love.”


How will the new academies be different? The Space Lord explained that the IMNA’s “course load will have some similarities, as with all navies, however it will be heavy on Grayson History, Ship nomenclature and Technology, the Specialty Area exams will be for the most part the same as for the RMN with some Grayson specific additions to the list.” Colonel Chris Fells, already commandant of the King Roger I  Military Academy, has been tapped to be the new commandant of Mackensie, while Kapitan der Sterne Laura Lüschen, commanding SMS Buddenbrock, has agreed to take on the head role at Prinz Adalbert.

Meanwhile, BuTrain continues to develop several new tracks for members to pursue. For instance, the Merchant Marine Track will fall under the Saganami Island Academy. Meanwhile discussions continue on

Astro Control Track, the section that operates the space stations and wormhole junctions, as well as a track that covers the repair yards and the duties of the “Yard Dogs.”


By the way, who was Isaiah Mackenzie? He was the first recipient of the Crossed Swords to the Star of Grayson and captain-general of Benjamin the Great’s army during the Civil War. House of Steel names the Grayson’s naval School, and said it opened in 1920 PD.


The Command Staff of BuTrain


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