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The new Harrington Treecats stadium, with atmospheric seal courtesy of Sky Domes of Grayson, Inc.


Take Me Out to the Sky Dome

2014.02.19 CE / 345.18.09 AL (MNB) – Can you feel it? The buzz has started, the teams are ready, and after way too long an absence, it’s that time again! Break out your team colors and shout as loud as you can! That’s right—this naval baseball season is back! With three new teams and new organizational structure, this year looks to be better than ever!

For those TRMN members who love the camaraderie of fellow spacers, but either geography or other commitments prevent them from actually meeting in person, the Grayson Space Navy is an excellent way to serve. However, it does create one giant obstacle; how do you generate the same fun that our other ship chapters have in cyberspace? Thankfully, Nicholas Hurst has stepped down from his post as High Admiral to take on a more critical posting, to be the Commissioner of Baseball. Remember on Grayson, baseball isn’t just a sport… it’s a sacred calling!

Ever since the last naval baseball season was cancelled, due to the events of A Rising Thunder, the spacers of the GSN have been sorely missing the crack of the bat, and the roar of the crowd. The new commissioner has reorganized the Naval Division into eight teams. They will be split into two leagues, with the three US ships and the Katie Girl as Western League, placing the three European teams and the Glorious Brewers as the Eastern. “At this time the teams are exclusively Grayson,” said RADM David Melsome, GSN Chief of Operations, and the league’s Manager of Advertising. “It is my hope that in time if enough people wish it the league could be run Alliance wide.” Unfortunately, the Harrington Treecats were not able to join this season, due to their promotion out of the Naval Division into the National Conference.

Wait—you may ask yourself—how are they going to play baseball in teams when the members never meet in person? Just repeat to yourself: “it’s just a game, I should really just relax.” The games are announced by the commissioner, then simulated, and then the results are posted on the Facebook feed. Silly? Perhaps… but if you don’t get it, you’re probably not a Grayson. These blue-suited spacers are excited, creating uniforms, building team rosters, and waiting with baited breath as the results come out over the weekend.

Opening Day was a big success for Grayson baseball. In the Western Division, Bancroft Swordsmen played the Hermes Heralds on Saturday, February 14th. The Herald’s style of “Go Big or Go Home” failed to produce as the Bancroft Swordsmen took home the first win of the season, with a score of 2 to 1, as well as their first win as a team against the reigning Naval Division champs. On Sunday, February 15th, the Glorious Brewers took on the Albion Blackbirds in the Eastern Division. The Blackbirds couldn’t take flight in the beginning, trying to recover lost ground, but in the end, the Brewers took home a smashing victory, with a final score of 7 to 3. In a post-game interview, the Brewers’ starting pitcher Peralta claimed the ship-made brew was the cause of their victory.

One might think that playing baseball on a Sunday might be sacrilegious to a fundamentalist Christian population, but when the referees are Church-sanctioned, even the Tester can’t object to a little fun on the day of rest. More games are scheduled in the future, leading up to the pennant race, and the World Series. The commissioner predicts this will be the best season yet!

Pre-game greetings between the teams in a traditional open-air stadium.


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