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Captain (SG) Jason Gurule mans the table while Admiral of the Green John Roberts plans his next move.


Wrong Turn at Albuquerque 


2015.2.04 CE / 346.10.07 AL (MNB) – For the past five years, Albuquerque, New Mexico, has held their version of Comic-Con. As this event has grown, so have the number of New Mexican spacers. Thanks to their recruiting efforts, Eighth Fleet finally expanded outside the big city to add a new ship in the capital of Santa Fe. So Admiral of the Green John Roberts was determined to hold a fleet exercise at Comic-Con and called in his flagship, HMS Anasazi, and the new light cruiser, HMS Avalon.


When you’re the head of BuShips, you’re able to bring in more armament, so their presentation backdrop is more impressive than the average fleet. Taking the original model panels as their inspiration, they made cloth prints and stretched them onto a portable stand. Throw in some stickers, posters, books, and some enthusiastic recruiting chiefs and you had a winning combination. Even the poor 501st Legion chapter next to them seemed weak by comparison.


Mexican wrestling stormtroopers?


However, the logistics of the operation were more difficult than usual. The two ships were separated by an hour driving of the most twisty, turny roads ever devised by a state department of transportation. Commander Dan Brandow drove this road all three days of the convention, both ways. They had some free passes, but they were quickly gone, and making sure those crew members who could only come in one day could get in the door. However, they managed to coordinate their ships’ efforts, and covered the table, representing the Fleet in the finest tradition of the Royal Manticoran Navy.


Their efforts paid off—one person signed up on the spot, thirteen wanted further contact, and at least twenty people took information to perhaps join later. Not only did they achieve success, but they also managed to get everyone in convention minimum dress (or Class D uniform)… a rather amazing accomplishment!  For Commander Brandow’s efforts, he was Mentioned in Dispatches, and was given the immense satisfaction of his new command’s first mission being a success.


Although Eighth Fleet is the smallest of all the numbered fleets, with the largest geographic space to cover, they continue to patrol the Basilisk System. Slowly, but surely, the Manticoran Empire is growing in the west.


Commander Dan Brandow is deep in thought.


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